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The first step is to schedule a free “discovery call” to get to know each other. If we feel like a good match, I'll suggest one of the following models.

3-month Model


Up to 12 sessions valid for up to 16 weeks from sign-up date

Regular communication over text, email, or short calls between sessions (need basis).


There is some structure in this period (introducing practices, tools, concepts, and assessments) but the plan is mostly bespoke based on your wishes, goals, life situation, learning needs, and areas of focus.


Investment: £1234 upfront or £444 /month.


Post this, we'll either:

  • Extend the same model for another 3 months 

  • Meet at your chosen frequency (£111 /session)

  • Decide our work together is complete!


Per-session Model


For some people, a per-session model is more suitable from the beginning. In such cases the session fees are £150.


Compassionate Model


Because I wish to support as many people as I can, I offer a sliding scale to accommodate people in situations and geographies wherein this rate is not sustainable. Do not hesitate to reach out, and if I have the bandwidth and feel that working together will be rewarding, I'll be happy to work out a suitable financial arrangement. 

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